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Kavita's Vocal Studio

Vocal Technique & Performance Prep

Ages 14 and up 

*Audition required

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Singing + Wellness

Having worked with singers from all over the world coming from different backgrounds and cultures, and given my own multi-cultural background, I've come to realize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to vocal pedagogy.  Each student has a different instrument and comes with different baggage; sometimes physical, but in my experience mostly mental and emotional. Every student deserves customized coaching that addresses what THEY need. 


I am thrilled to announce that a big part of my teaching now includes WELLNESS. Turns out, if you believe you can sing, you can. 


My lessons include:

  • Deep diaphragmatic breathing

  • a few minutes of meditation and relaxation exercises

  • Self-reflection

  • Classical vocal warmups and body stretches

  • Classical vocal technique that includes vocal anatomy, breath support, phonation, articulation, and resonation

  • Performance preparation that includes expression, interpretation and presentation

While my teaching style stems from 'pure' classical technique, I teach students who sing Musical Theatre, Jazz, Art Song, Pop, and I can help you on anything YOU want to work on.

* Audition required

* Open to in-person lessons with proof of vaccination

* Open to ages 12 and up

* Credit cards accepted. Venmo/Zelle preferred

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